onsdag 10. august 2016

The first day of the rest of my life

Where to start....

I can start by saying I'm in a good place right now.
I'm quite happy!

The past 1 1/2 year has been quite tough to be honest. A lot has happened that has affected me as a person - but I have ended up as a stronger person....actually the past 5 years have made me stronger. As a person.

But right now I am good!
I have lost people in my life, that meant the world to me - some I think more of than others.
But I have also got people into my life that I do not want to be without. Which I am truly grateful for!

I will not go into details here on my blog - not yet at least.
But I will try to express where I am today and how I got here :)

Key words are: Ludvig, family, friends, workout, gym, PT (Frida & Tom)

And these key words are the foundation of my life right now. Ludvig will always be the one and only for me - he is my precious one - that no matter what can put a smile on my face. And I love him with all my heart and more....

More to come people :)

Good night!

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